ENERVAC provides a variety of solutions for your metalworking fluid management needs with many years of experience. Our application philosophy is to help you save money. That is the only way we can justify your investment in our systems. ENERVAC offers systems for trampoil and solids removal, bacteria control and coolant recycling.

Coolant Recycling Equipment

Tramp Oil Seperators (E910C)

Tramp Oil Separators (E910C)

  • Continuous removal of tramp oil keeps bacteria in check while improving tool life.
  • Dedicated installation at each machine, provides continuous on-line coolant filtration.
  • Prevents downtime due to unforeseen leaks of waylube or hydraulic oils.
  • Low operating cost.
Sump-Vac Mobile Sump Cleaner (E920A)

Sump-Vac Mobile Sump Cleaner (E920A)

  • Filters out solids, metal fines and particulates.
  • Easily transports coolants to a coolant recycler.
  • Acts as a batch type gravity tramp oil separator.
  • Vacuums up liquid spills.
Centra Coolant Recovery System (E940A)

Centra Coolant Recovery System (E940A)

  • A compact centralized coolant processing facility.
  • Practically eliminates the need for coolant disposal.
  • Reduces new coolant use by up to 50%.
  • Maintains a constant supply of fresh coolant to the plant.