Enervac ships our newest E865C Mini-Degasifier with 3 new options.  The Enervac standard E865C Mini-Degasifier includes Viton Seals, 240V-1PH 15 Amp Operation, 10 CFM (17M3/HR) vacuum pump, 3kW Heater, TWO 3m long hoses c/w Kamlok connections, 3 micron abs. After Filter, and ONE 3m long power cord.

However our newest design now includes the following options:

  • Doble Domino or Vaisala digital hygrometer for measuring moisture in ppm and oil temperature              

  • Digital flow meter         

  • Recirculation by-pass piping to allow for pre-heating of the oil


Enervac ships a skid-mounted 600 GPH transformer oil purifier to a Freeport McMoRan USA mine site. It is equipped with a fully automatic control system as well as a full suite of instrumentation for monitoring oil moisture levels as well as vacuum & dewpoint in the transformer. The unit is mounted on a lifting frame with aluminum roof, complete with forklift slots and a heavy-duty weather resistance canvas cover.


Enervac ships a skid-mounted 4,500 LPH transformer oil purifier to a Saskatchewan Transformer Manufacturing Facility.  This oil purifier is painted Blue to match with existing equipment in the facility. A Doble hygrometer is installed to monitor the condition of the purified oil.


Enervac ships an E858M Mobile Oil Filter Unit to New York Power Authority. This unit has a flow rate of 60 GPM, a 160 gallon aluminum oil storage tank, stainless steel piping and live hose reels. The trailer is full insulated with FRP wall and ceiling liner, a hot-dip galvanized chassis, Goodyear tires with galvanized rims and black anti-slip Rhino lining on the floor.


Enervac standard model E575A Fullers Earth filtration system complete with electric actuators for media changes.  Shipping to a Quebec based transformer manufacturer to augment the capabilities of the their existing mobile Enervac 1,200 GPH transformer oil purifier.


Enervac completes the design and manufacture of a 3,000 GPH transformer oil degasification system with dual water cooled dry screw vacuum systems.  This oil purifier includes up to 4,120 CFM (7,000 m3/h) transformer vacuum capability, which will dry-out a transformer in record time. There are too many options to list but HMI touchscreen controls with manual backup controls, moisture monitoring/data-logging, live oil hose reel connections and a portable oil transfer pump complete the system, which is all mounted in a custom 40’ gooseneck tridem axle trailer with heated/air-conditioned office area.  This unit was shipped to a Houston, Texas based transformer service company.


Enervac ships a custom designed vacuum system to a customer in Hong Kong with the following features:
  • Weatherproof aluminum enclosure with lifting hooks and castors.
  • Busch RA300-WV1800 vacuum system proving – Pumping speed at 1mbar is 1300 m3/hour at 50 Hz
  • Stainless steel piping throughout
  • Ventilation fan with air intake louver
  • Condensate collection tank with level detection
  • Dual digital vacuum gauges (0.0001 to 1000 mbar)
  • Actuated valve to automatically isolate the connection between vacuum pump and transformer in case of power failure or vacuum pump shutdown.


Enervac Degasification Video

How does the Enervac Transformer Oil Degasifier purify your oil? The following video demonstrates the effectiveness of our transformer oil vacuum dehydration & degasification process.  This video explains how our exclusive vacuum chamber design combined with our exclusive accelerator elements dramatically improves and accelerates the removal of water and gases from transformer oil.

Oil, at ambient or elevated temperature, is introduced into the vacuum chamber, where by vacuum distillation, water, dissolved air and gases, and other low-boiling-range volatile contaminants are removed.

Special chemically inert accelerator cartridges in the vacuum chamber are employed to serve the following functions:

  • First, their in-depth design structure allows free water to be rapidly separated from oil by coalescence even before it reaches the evaporation stage.
  • Second, millions of glass fibers 3-10 micrometer diameter provides a large total surface area for exposure of the thin oil film to the vacuum.
  • Third, sharp points of the glass fibers promote fast release of gases and vapors from oil.
  • Fourth, the elements act as a fine filter removing solid contaminants. The cartridges are easily replaced and disposable.
  • This method is more efficient than previously used spray nozzles and baffles, which require several passes to obtain the same degree of degasification.

Click the image below to watch the video.