Enervac installs 200 kW roof-top solar generation system

A 200 kW solar system covering nearly 52,000 sq. ft. of roof top space, was installed and is now generating clean renewable energy to the Ontario power grid.  Enervac commissioned the sytem on January 31, 2013.  Enervac expects the system to generate over 220,000 kWh of electricity every year.  That is enough electricity to power 22 homes in its 1st year of operation, the equivalent of taking almost 40 cars off the road and removing 176 metric tonnes of Carbon from the atmosphere.  To find out more about how much power the solar system is currently generating, please visit: http://www.alsoenergy.com/powertrack/PowerLobby.aspx?sid=27288&lang=en-CA


Enervac assists Orphan school in Zambia with clean drinking water

Enervac in cooperation with Project Hope facilitated with the installation of a new water tower and water pump to bring clean, safe drinking water to the Quarry School for Orphans in Lusaka, Zambia.  For more information on this project and Project Hope visit: http://www.projecthope.ca/lessons-in-full-swing-at-the-quarry-school/