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Air & Gas Dryers

ENERVAC Air/Gas Dryers and Filters are designed for the removal of moisture from process air and gases. This eliminates condensation, freeze-up, and moisture corrosion thus protecting pneumatic instruments and extending the life of pneumatic tools.

The superior reliability of every ENERVAC Air/Gas Dryers and Filters begins with extensive functional testing. Our highly skilled technicians follow a comprehensive testing program to ensure only the most reliable, high performance Air/Gas Dryers and Filters display the ENERVAC name.


  • Electric heat reactivated type
  • Simplified design.
  • -40°F (-40°C) outlet pressure dewpoint or better.
  • Ideal for flowrates from 60 to 3500 SCFM (100 to 6000 m3/h).


Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmosphere Blower Type (E2DB-3E)

Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmopshere Blower Type (E2DB-3E)
  • Atmospheric blower type, heat reactivated.
  • Dewpoint better than -70°F (-56°C).
  • Stainless steel desiccant bed screens.
  • Ideal for flowrates from 200 to over 10,000 SCFM (340 to >17,000 m3/h).

Heat Reactivated Closed Loop Dryer (E2DA-5E)

Heat Reactivated Closed Loop Dryer (E2DA-5E)
  • Heat reactivated closed loop, zero purge loss.
  • No process gas or air loss.
  • Freeze-proof automatic water ejector trap.
  • Ideal for flowrates from 200 to over 10,000 SCFM (340 to >17,000 m3/h).


Heatless Type Dryer (E2DD-7H)

Heatless Type Dryer (E2DD-7H)
  • Heatless regeneration.
  • Dewpoints down to -100°F (-73°C) possible.
  • Lower initial installation cost.
  • Ideal for flowrates from 5 SCFM (8 m3/h).


High Pressure Air Dryer (E2DC)

High Pressure Air Dryer (E2DC)
  • Design pressures up to 3,600 psig (25 MPag).
  • Moisture content less than 5 ppmv.
  • Available 2-stage pre-filter drain system.
  • PLC controlled with available operator interface terminal.


Mobile Breathing Air System (E770B)

SF6 Gas Accessory
  • Purges clean, dry air into a confined transformer for maintenance personnel.
  • Removes and monitors Carbon Monoxide.
  • Provides breathable air at atmospheric pressure.
  • Utilizes an air dryer to provide clean, dry air.


Coolant Recycling Equipment


Tramp Oil Separators (E910C)

Tramp Oil Seperators (E910C)
  • Continuous removal of tramp oil keeps bacteria in check while improving tool life.
  • Dedicated installation at each machine, provides continuous on-line coolant filtration.
  • Prevents downtime due to unforeseen leaks of waylube or hydraulic oils.
  • Low operating cost.


Sump-Vac Mobile Sump Cleaner (E920A)

Sump-Vac Mobile Sump Cleaner (E920A)
  • Filters out solids, metal fines and particulates.
  • Easily transports coolants to a coolant recycler.
  • Acts as a batch type gravity tramp oil separator.
  • Vacuums up liquid spills.


Centra Coolant Recovery System (E940A)

Centra Coolant Recovery System (E940A)
  • A compact centralized coolant processing facility.
  • Practically eliminates the need for coolant disposal.
  • Reduces new coolant use by up to 50%.
  • Maintains a constant supply of fresh coolant to the plant.


Ozo-Bac Bacteria Control System (E948L)

Ozo-Bac Bacteria Control System (E948L)
  • Chemical free, low cost bacteria control for coolants.
  • Compact, easy to install.
  • Keeps bacteria levels well below health and safety requirements.
  • Works 24 hours a day.


Wastewater Minimization Systems

Tramp Oil Solids Separator (E913A)

Tramp Oil Solids Separator (E913A)


  • Continuous removal of tramp oil.
  • Design based on many years of industrial experience.
  • Reduces disposal frequency.
  • Low cost solids removal.


Mobile Membrane Separator (E930 Series)

Mobile Membrane Separator (E930 Series)
  • A compact, non hazardous processing facility to reduce oily wastes.
  • Reduce haulage and disposal costs by over 90%.
  • Permeate effluent can often be reused or discharged to sewer.
  • System payback typically within 9 to 12 months.


Batch Wastewater Treatment System (E955B)

Batch Wastewater Treatment System (E955B)
  • Dramatically reduce wastewater haul-away disposal costs.
  • Safe, simple, single step chemical additive batch process.
  • Removes suspended solids, emulsified oils and heavy metals quickly and efficiently.
  • Treated water and wastes within code limits for sewer discharge and landfill.


Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

  • ASME designed and labelled heater cases with CSA/UL approved heating elements.
  • Assures less than 12 watts per square inch (1.8 W/cm2) UNIFORM low watt density oil heating.
  • Heating coils do not come in direct contact with the oils.
  • Various sizes and configurations available


Fluid Vac

  • Convert empty steel drums into powerful liquid vacuums.
  • Cleans out pits, sumps, troughs, swarfs, slurries and suspended solids.
  • Liquid spills are picked up quickly and easily.
  • Automatically stops pumping when full.