Turbine Oil Purification System (E859T)

Turbine Oil Filtration Systems Purification Equipment (E859T)

It is generally recognized that water is an enemy of turbine lubricating oils. Water in oils impairs its lubricating properties and increases the rate of oxidization, develops sludge formation and causes costly corrosion to equipment. Modern high quality oils, designed to meet severe requirements imposed on them by turbine lubrication, are more inclined to form emulsions. At the same time, their performance depends on numerous additives which are easily dissolved in, or damaged by water. Since it is often impossible to prevent water from entering the lubricating system, it is extremely important to remove it from the oil before it causes permanent damage. The ENERVAC Turbine Oil Filtration Systems Purification Equipment (E859T) address all these areas of concern. This system dehydrates, filters, de-aerates and purifies the turbine oil – maintaining its lubricating properties as close to original specifications as is possible.