Turbine Oil Purifier System (E855T)

Turbine Oil Purifier Filtration System (E855T)

Coalescing Principle

The ENERVAC Turbine Oil Purifier Filtration System (E855T) is ideal for extending turbine oil life by removing free moisture and particulates. Skid-mounted and self-contained, the unit is designed for unattended operation. Removes free and emulsified water to 150 ppm, restores oil to ISO 14/11 cleanliness. Flow rates up to 100 GPM (380 l/min) are available. ASME coded filter vessels are an ENERVAC standard. The unit features low maintenance and operating cost together with simple installation and operation. The benefits of this system are numerous:

  • longer turbine life
  • reduced bearing failures
  • reduced power outages
  • reduction in turbine overhauls
  • precise hydraulic valve operation
  • quicker oil flush cycles