Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmospheric Blower Type – Zero Purge Loss (E2DB-5E)

Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmopshere Blower Type (E2DB-3E)

Zero Purge Loss ENERVAC’s Type 5E Dryers consist of two desiccant towers designed to maintain a continuous dry flow, -40°F (-40°C) dew point or lower. They are capable of processing gas from 0-100% of the design inlet flow rate without adjustment and will regenerate at pressure without loss of process gas. Heating and cooling of the saturated bed is accomplished by recirculating the regeneration gas volume in a closed circuit by means of a centrifugal blower. The gas flows into an external heater, then through the desiccant bed, followed by a cooler/separator, where moisture is ejected. The Type 5E Dryers employ the principle of heat pulse regeneration, utilizing complete breakthrough of both heating and cooling temperatures to assure total restoration of the desiccant prior to switch over.