Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmosphere Blower Type (E2DB-3E)

Heat Reactivated Dryer, Atmopshere Blower Type (E2DB-3E)

ENERVAC’s Type 3E Dryers, consisting of two desiccant towers designed to maintain a continuous dry flow, -40°F (-40°C) dew point or lower, are capable of processing gas from 0-100% of the design inlet flow rate without adjustment.

Regeneration of the saturated bed is accomplished by circulating regeneration air by means of a blower through an external heater, then through the desiccant bed, on through a purge exhaust valve, where moisture is ejected to atmosphere. At the end of the heating cycles, a small purge of dry air is utilized to cool the bed down sufficiently before the next switch over. Cooling flow is in the opposite direction to heating, giving the most efficient cool down.