Tramp Oil Solids Separator (E913A)

Tramp Oil Solids Seperator (E913A)

ENERVAC’s T.O.S.S. Advantages:

  • Reduces free oil.
  • Low cost solids removal.
  • Reduces disposal costs.
  • Reduces cleaner costs.
  • Unattended operation.
  • Minimal, easy maintenance.
  • High quality reliable inlet pump.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Unique oil attracting media for coalescing fine oil droplets.
  • Floating skimmer selectively targets floating oils & soils.


Parts Washing: Water based alkaline and acid cleaners.

Metal Working: Water soluble, semi synthetic and synthetic coolants with high solids content.

Metal Forming: Rolling, cold heading, stamping and tube mill operation fluids with high solids content.

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