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Inside an Enervac 30-ft Trailer with a 3600 GPH Transformer Oil Degasifier and Dry Air System

Check out this exclusive footage of the last shipment of 2023 we had! This video shows in the ins and outs of the 30-ft highway trailer that shipped to a Quebec based hydro utility in December.

This trailer features a 3600 GPH Transformer Oil Degasifier and a Dry Air System rated at 100 CFM down to -70 C, complete with instrumentation and distribution. Added features such as in floor hose storage, full wall and floor insulation, 360 high output LED perimeter floodlighting, under belly equipment storage with oil connections on both sides make for a system ready to roll on site and be ready to take on any size transformer work in locations where access with larger trailers is not feasible.

Watch the video below!


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