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Trailer Mounted E865A-2400 (2400 GPH) Transformer Oil Purifier shipped to Bonneville Power

Last week, we shipped out a Trailer Mounted E865A-2400 (2400 GPH) Transformer Oil Purifier to Bonneville Power. This system is installed in a 53’ tridem axle trailer with aluminum rims. An on-board 300kW Tier 4 diesel generator provides the power. Among the many features, this system includes dual Leybold SP630 dry running vacuum pumps and WAU2001 vacuum booster pumps. A cascade refrigeration accurately measures moisture removed from the transformer. The trailer is fully insulated with a heated/air-conditioned office and all interior walls & ceilings lined with an easy-to-clean Nudo panelling. An Allen-Bradley PLC control system with HMI touchscreen and Enervac’s “One Touch Start-Stop” system controls the entire system and includes our Remote Access option, which allows Enervac to provide remote customer support. #power#transformers#oil#purification


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