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Electrical Transformer Oil Purifier / Filter Polychlorinated Biphenyl Decontamination

Electrical Transformer Oil Purifier / filter Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl decontamination equipment is designed for the decontamination of electrical insulating oils that have been contaminated with low levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (P.C.B.’s). Oil containing up to 7000 PPM of P.C.B.’s can be processed lowering the P.C.B. level to below the detectable level (2 PPM).The chemical process reverses the process by which P.C.B.’s were originally developed. A small amount of molten metallic sodium dispersion is added to dehydrated and degasified insulating oil in a mixing tank. A reaction takes place converting the P.C.B.’s into harmless compounds, common salt and a few hydrocarbon residues. These are removed from the oil as a sludge by a centrifuge. The sludge is non-P.C.B. and can be disposed of in any industrial waste disposal facility.

The reclaimed insulating oil has excellent electrical properties, comparable to that of new Insulating Oil meeting the A.S.T.M. standard and can be used again in electrical equipment.

“The technology used in Enervac’s system has been used in Canada to reclaim over 25 million litres of contaminated oil since 1982. The process has approval of Environment Canada and the U.S. E.P.A.”

The process is cost-efficient, costing substantially less than burning or other disposal means and eliminates the need for transporting.

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