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Portable Vacuum Devices

Portable Vacuum Devices

Enervac Vacuum Systems are mobile or static units used during the manufacturing process as well as subsequent service operations on transformers and SF6 circuit breakers. This requires that the transformer or circuit breaker tank is put under a vacuum sufficient for removing the surface moisture. In addition, a deeper vacuum is used to remove any remaining air pockets that could be present in dead volumes of the equipment. The system comes fully mobile and ready for hook-up and operation. A typical vacuum pump unit for transformer drying consists of one primary vacuum pump and a secondary roots-type blower.


1.  Easy operation with minimal moving parts.

2.  Uses vacuum pumps from reputable manufacturers including Kinney, Leybold and Busch.

3.  Purchasing a system with a vacuum booster will supercharge the primary vacuum pump to provide increased flow, faster pumping speed and achieve deeper vacuum.

4.  Systems can be designed with oil free dry screw vacuum pumps, or rotary vane pumps or piston pumps.


Vacuum Trap with drain and condensate collection tank to prevent liquids from entering the pump set.


Manual or HMI controls, Status indication lamps, Alarm indication lamps (high temp, motor overload, etc.)  Reverse phase relay and indication lamp, E-Stop Switch.


Digital vacuum gauge with 0.001-1000 torr range, complete with sensor cables up to 100 feet long.

Capacities: Standard units provide continuous capacity from 40m³/hour to 2,720m³/hour. Ultimate total pressure ranging from 0.5 mbar to 0.01 mbar. Larger systems available upon request.

Options: Units can skid mounted, trailer mounted, containerized, or incorporate a lifting frame with canvas cover or metal enclosure.  Forklift slots and lifting hooks can be added.

Electrical: 208v, 220V, 380v, 415v, 460v and 600v available in 1ph or 3ph, 50/60Hz

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