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Filters and Spare Parts

ENERVAC Industrial Filtration Equipment utilizing pleated paper, and other media to provide the exact degree of filtration and flow rate for virtually any industrial application.

Industrial Filter (E858A)

  • Wide media selectivity – interchangeable cartridges.

  • High dirt-loading capacity.

  • Assures maximum, continuous clarity.

  • ASME code designed and labelled.

Air & Gas Filters

  • Efficiency unaffected by conditions.

  • Low initial pressure drop.

  • Clogging and fouling eliminated.

  • Low pressure and high pressure, ASME designs

  • Air and Gas Filter or Dryer after-filter

    • Designed for high efficiency removal of dirt or desiccant fines from compressed air or gases.

  • Air and Gas Filter Separator, coalescer type of dryer pre-filter

    • Designed for 99.7% separation efficiency

    • Removes fine oil mist, water and dirt from air and gases

  • 1400 psig (9.7 MPag), stainless steel filter

    • Features CRN number

    • High flow rates

    • No tools required for filter element change out

Replacement Elements

ENERVAC offers one of the most complete lines of filtration replacement media available to industry today.

ENERVAC performance rated filtration-elements for contamination removal by absorption, adsorption, coalescing, separating, mechanical filtration of air, gas, oils, fuels, water and fluids in general.

  • Pleated

  • Roll tube

  • Coalescer

  • Depth

  • Fuller’s earth

  • Separator

  • Disc-pac

  • Carbon

Elements are made from the highest quality materials, carefully manufactured, inspected and backed by a full warranty. ENERVAC has an element just right for your application.

Portable Oil Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP)

The ENERVAC Portable Oil Filter Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP) are completely packaged, compact units for liquid filtration. They are available in a variety of sizes and flow rates, stationary or portable. The ENERVAC pumping and filtering modules provide a most complete and widely applicable line of portable and stationary filter units embodying striking economy, uniformity and interchangeability of filter media.

Lubricating, hydraulic, quench and insulating oils are maintained to ISO cleanliness standards through the removal of dirt, sludge, carbon and metallic particles as well as water, gums, tars, resin and asphaltenes.

Pressure Feed Oilers (E818A)

The ENERVAC Model E818A Pressure Feed Oilers provide precise control plus visual indication of the quantity of oil being fed under pressure to a lubrication point. The oiler design permits installation in any convenient location, close to, or remote from the lubrication point. Up to four oilers may be manifolded together and any number of these groups centrally located. This is particularly advantageous for equipment having many points of lubrication, as the operator can observe and control the flow from a central control point to remote or inaccessible lubrication points through discharge tubing from the pressure feed oiler.

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