Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

Electric Heating Low Watt Density

ENERVAC specializes in the design and manufacture of low watt density electric heating for industrial oils. We manufacture our own ASME coded heat exchangers and our own CSA/UL approved heating elements.

The ENERVAC Industrial Oil Heater (E873A) assures less than 12 watts per square inch (1.8 W/cm2) UNIFORM low watt density oil heating. The electric heating coils are mounted inside heating tubes. The coils heat the air in the tube which uniformly heats the tube walls.

The heating coils do not come in direct contact with the oils, eliminating the natural hot spots in resistance heaters and preventing burning of oil. Isolating the heating element from the oil permits service removal without disturbing the oil process.

Present us with your oil heating problems, no matter how unique, and our staff of experienced professionals will be pleased to make recommendations.

Download Product Information Here: E873A 2015