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Cascade Refrigerated Cold Trap (E861B)

The unit is designed to trap condensable vapours (usually water) during transformer drying operations. Capable of pressures in the low
micron range and a plate temperature of -85ºF, the unit provides fast dry-out of "wet" transformers.


The unit is self contained using air-cooled compressors mounted on a sturdy fabricated steel base plate. The unit consists of a cascade refrigeration system, a vacuum chamber and a control cabinet to house starters relays, switches and control transformer. Isolation valves are also furnished. A by-pass is provided to permit evacuations during the defrost cycle.


  • Digital temperature provided

  • Valve by-pass provided

  • Plate temperature -85ºF

  • Trailer or skid mounted options available

  • CFC Free refrigerant

Cascade Refrigerated Cold Trap (E861B)
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