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ENERDry Transformer Dry-Out System

Transformers and its paper insulation have a primary enemy – Water.  Water can be removed from a transformer using a  vacuum dehydration process.  Now, however an easier and less expensive method can be used to remove the water from the transformer oil and its paper insulation.  Transformers that have 5% moisture or higher can be dried to acceptable levels without taking the transformer out of service.

ENERDry Transformer Dry-Out System


  • Removes moisture from transformer oil and insulation.

  • Maintains low moisture levels in transformer oils in service.

  • Able to dry transformers not braced for vacuum.

  • Safety system – isolates itself in case of alarm or power failure.

  • No paper filters utilized.

Optional Features:

  • Transformer Oil Level Monitoring System  (TOLMS)

  • Hygrometer – Doble Domino sensor for measurement of moisture level in the oil (PPM)

  • Touch screen interface with data logger with “PPM Trend”  tool for monitoring moisture content over time.

  • E-mail /SMS alarm messages

  • Remote Monitoring of PPM Trend chart

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