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Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

The Enervac Model E873A Oil Heater System assures uniform low watt density oil heating. Less than 12 watts per square inch assured. The electric heating coils are mounted inside heating tubes. The coils heat the air in the tube, which uniformly heats tube walls.

The heating coils do not come in direct contact with the oil eliminating the natural hot spots in resistance heaters and preventing any burning oil. Isolating the heating element from the oil permits service removal without disturbing the oil process.

Each 5.5 KW heating tube is installed in a heating module with up to six tubes per modules. Modules may be grouped up to banks of eight for maximum heat input of 264KW. Larger custom designed systems are available.


  • Exclusive Indirect Heating

  • Electronic Indicating, Solid State Temperature controller

  • Insulated Modules

  • Sequenced Startup and Shutdown

  • Positive Displacement Pump

  • 100 psi Working Pressure

  • Flow Switch Protection

  • Temperature Gauges

  • Drain Valve

  • Indicating Lights

  • Nema 12 Control Cabinet

Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)
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