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Insulating Oils Purification Fuller’s Earth Filter (E575A)

Fuller’s Earth oil filters are used for removal of acids and soluble surface acting contaminants by adsorption.


Treatment with Fuller’s earth will increase the IFT (Interfacial Tension) of oil and reduce the PF (Power Factor) to desired levels. When water and some volatile acids are removed from oil through a prior vacuum process, adsorptive capacity of Fuller’s Earth for removal of remaining soluble contamination is greatly extended. Positive protection assures migration free, sparling clean effluent. All acids, gums, resins and other surface acting soluble contaminants are trapped and held within the media.

SPECIAL STATIONARY: 1000 , 2000 & 3000 lb. towers, single or dual, available upon request


This line of Fullers Earth Packed Column Systems is the latest in design and provides many advantages over other methods of processing oils with attapulgus clay. It eliminates the high cost of throwaway cartridges, the labour involved in refillable canisters and bags and provides a modern approach to absorption. Its easy vacuum fill, its quick bottom dump and its better utilization of clay all indicate this is the approach the large user of clay should consider. The Packed Column System is the ideal system for the electrical industry and for the utility for processing insulating oils. It also has many applications in general industry such as Roll Oils, Quench Oils, Turbine Oils, Engine Oils and Hydraulic Oils. The process not only corrects acidity but also removes dirt, dust, carbon, gums, resins, abrasives and oxidation products. It provides complete and dependable protection against costly oil contamination and gives increased operating efficiency to produce better precision products.

Insulating Oils Purification Fuller’s Earth Filter (E575A)_2
Insulating Oils Purification Fuller’s Earth Filter (E575A)
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