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Mobile Circuit Breaker Oil Purifier (E858M)

The Enervac Model E858M Mobile Oil Filter Unit is ideal for extending oil life by removal of moisture, particulate and carbon from dielectric fluids and oils used in transformers, circuit breakers, voltage regulators and switch gear. The E858M is completely mobile and certified for highway travel. The E858M can be used for retrieving the fluid, flushing and refilling of all oil filled equipment. Operator friendliness and ease of maintenance is designed into each unit. Save disposal cost of carbon contaminated oil by restoring it to like new condition with the Enervac Model E858M. Available in many sizes and special designs to suit your application.


  • Robust, compact design

  • Year round operation

  • Suitable for highway travel

  • Can be supplied with one, two, or no storage tanks

  • Self contained - Includes necessary oil hoses and power cable

  • Positive displacement pumps

  • All welded piping ensures less likelihood of leaks

  • Single operator operation

Mobile Circuit Breaker Oil Purifier (E858M)
Mobile Circuit Breaker Oil Purifier (E858M)
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