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Pressure Oiling Devices

Pressure Oiling Devices

The Model E818A Series Pressure Feed Oilers provide a precise control plus a visual indication of the quantity of oil being fed under pressure, to a lubrication point. The oiler design permits installation in any convenient location close by or remote from the lubrication point. Up to four oilers may be manifolded together and any number of these groups centrally located. This arrangement is particularly advantageous for equipment is having many points of lubrication, as the operator can observe and control the flow from a central control point to remote or inaccessible lubrication points through discharge tubing from the pressure feed oiler.

Install the Model E818A Oilers as shown in Illustration “A”. The oiler must be installed in a vertical position to facilitate service. To prevent the possible starvation of lubricant to a bearing, no more than four oilers should be manifolded together. The oilers at the end of the manifold, its unused connection must be closed with a suitable pipe plug.

Start the flow of oil through the System, then turn the adjusting knob on the Oiler and observe the oil flow through the sight glass tube lifting the plunger. Adjust the knob until the plunger is aligned with the desired flow on the indicating plate. The indicating plate is calibrated in pints per minute.
Note: Adjust the oiler by hand only. Never use wrenches, etc. to turn the adjusting knob screw.
Oilers are produced in various ranges of flow. It is best to pick a range where the desired flow will be as close to mid range as is possible. This provides the best accuracy.

Maintenance is quite simple. The oiler can be completely disassembled by removing the top retainer nut (8) and the adjusting screw assembly (2), after loosening set screw (3). Inspect all parts carefully, renewing any which are worn or damaged. Check and clean, if necessary, inlet screen (7). Then reassemble. See blow up of oiler on page 2 for proper assembly.

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