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Portable Oil Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP)

Portable Oil Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP)

The Enervac Model EPF-1B Oil Maintenance Unit is a compact, extremely portable filtration system designed for use on-site where the contaminated oil is located. It can be readily wheeled into position nearby the sump or reservoir by a single person.

The EPF-1B is totally self-contained and only requires connection to electrical utilities for operation. The standard features of the EPF are detailed inside this brochure. This unit incorporates a reliable gear pump that includes an integral relief valve to prevent over- pressurization of the system.

A complete selection of long lasting high quality filter cartridges with various micron selectivities are available for use with the EPF-1B. Refer to the enclosed information pertaining to these elements. The design of the EPF-1B facilitates quick and easy change out of spent filter cartridges.


  • Hydraulic Oils

  • Turbine Oils

  • Compressor Seal Oils

  • Synthetic Fluids

  • Insulating Oils

  • Cutting and Cooling Oils

  • Quenching Oils

  • Vacuum Pump Oils

  • Solvents

Today your hydraulic, lubricating and synthetic oils are too expensive to waste. They are in short supply and for environmental reasons are more difficult to dispose of.

Oil is the lifeblood of your machines. Constantly moving, working, controlling. But work makes dirt and dirt reduces system efficiency. Temperatures rise and the oxidation rate accelerates forming sludges and varnishes. When you keep your oil clean, you keep your machines running smoothly at peak performance. The Enervac system is designed to clean oil when and wherever you need it without stopping your machines!

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