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Portable Transformer Oil Purifier/Degasifier (E865C)

This lightweight Mini Degasifier cart uses the latest high vacuum technology to filter, dehydrate and degasify insulating and dielectric fluids. The unit is ideally suited for processing oil in pole mounted transformers, bushings, conservators, individual barrels of oil and other similar small fluid amounts.


  • Mounted on a convenient cart with 10" (250 mm) pneumatic tires for ease of movement

  • Connection provided for optional vacuum controller

  • Unattended operation

  • Vacuum blank off rating <20 microns (0.025 mbar)

  • Uses Enervac's exclusive accelerator elements for high performance

  • Unit comes complete with 10-foot (3 m) power cord and hoses

Portable Transformer Oil Purifier/Degasifier (E865C)
E865C Mini Degasifier.jpg
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