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Check out our EHV-2000 Transformer Oil Purifier Rental Unit

600 GPH flow rate (2,000 LPH) build on a lifting frame with metal roof and heavy-duty roll-up canvass cover. This rental unit is 480v-3ph-60Hz and includes 32kW electric heater, PLC control system, Busch RA165/WV500 vacuum package and an in-line digital hygrometer.

The most important applications of high vacuum degasifiers are in the field of extra high voltage transmission and in the manufacture of electrical apparatus for it. In addition, the high vacuum process is used in the degasification of cable oils including polybutenes. Outside of the electrical industry, this process is used for dehydration and degasification of oils for radar and electronic equipment, vacuum pump sealing oils, brake fluids, refrigeration oils—including phosphate esters and silicones.

Enervac offers the EHV Vacuum Oil-Purifier series designed for maximum efficiency in your operations…performance tested by experts, requiring minimum maintenance, and providing long, trouble-free service.


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