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Custom GRU-8 SF6 Recovery cart for a customer in Chicago

Our General Manager was on location in Chicago, providing training on a custom GRU-8 SF6 Recovery cart. This unit is fully equipped with an external pre-filter for contaminated gas filtration, a mass flow meter for inventory tracking and a fully automatic HMI control system with a one touch start and stop interface.

DID YOU KNOW? We've developed the GRU-8 for our customers who found they needed more storage and recovery capacity than smaller handcart mounted units. The GRU-8 is available without the bulk and high price of a large skid or trailer mounted unit. The GRU-8 is 240v-3ph, has 4 castors and can transfer up to 110 lbs of SF6 per hour. It comes with a 300L storage tank, 40 m3/hour vacuum pump, 6 m3/hour vacuum compressor and built-in hygrometer.

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