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Enervac ships EIGHT EnerDRY Model 300 Transformer Dry Out Systems to Southern California Edison

January 2022 News Update

Each unit has a galvanized steel base with fork slots and a lockable storage box. Each ENERDry 300 unit has TWO columns each with 150 lbs. desiccant and these key features:

  • Removes moisture from transformer oil and insulation. The desiccant will absorb approximately 20-25% of its own weight in water.

  • Maintains low moisture levels in transformer oils in service.

  • Able to dry transformers not braced for vacuum.

  • Operates unattended on energized transformers and remotely monitors data/sends to operators. Touch screen interface with data logger with “PPM Trend” tool for monitoring moisture content over time.

  • Mag-drive pump eliminates pump seal leaks

  • Safety system – isolates itself in case of alarm or power failure.

  • No expensive water absorbing filters utilized


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