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Enervac Transformer Oil Vacuum Dehydration & Degasification Process

How does the Enervac Transformer Oil Degasifier purify your oil? The following video demonstrates the effectiveness of our transformer oil vacuum dehydration & degasification process. This video explains how our exclusive vacuum chamber design combined with our exclusive accelerator elements dramatically improves and accelerates the removal of water and gases from transformer oil.

Oil, at ambient or elevated temperature, is introduced into the vacuum chamber, where by vacuum distillation, water, dissolved air and gases, and other low-boiling-range volatile contaminants are removed.

Special chemically inert accelerator cartridges in the vacuum chamber are

employed to serve the following functions:

• First, their in-depth design structure allows free water to be rapidly separated from oil by coalescence even before it reaches the evaporation stage.

• Second, millions of glass fibers 3-10 micrometer diameter provides a large total surface area for exposure of the thin oil film to the vacuum.

• Third, sharp points of the glass fibers promote fast release of gases and vapors from oil.

• Fourth, the elements act as a fine filter removing solid contaminants. The cartridges are easily replaced and disposable.

This method is more efficient than previously used spray nozzles and baffles, which require several passes to obtain the same degree of degasification. View the video below for more information.


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