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SF6 Fittings Kits

SF6 Fittings Kit img.jpg

Enervac SF6 fittings kits eliminate the constant search for various Sf6 fittings when recovering SF6 gas from circuit breakers and switchgear. We’ve included the most commonly used fittings and adapters which connect to various manufacturers circuit breakers including ABB, Alstom, Siemens, General Electric and others.


Enervac fittings kits come in rugged transport cases with double locking latch. These cases are unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dust proof, chemical resistant & corrosion proof. All fittings are stored in heavy duty foam inserts with individual labeling, uniquely packed for easy storage and identification.

We offer DN-8 and DN-20 fittings kits and normally keep them in stock for quick delivery.


Don’t get stuck searching for SF6 fittings and adapters. Enervac SF6 fittings are designed and manufactured in Europe, rated for full vacuum and are fully leak-proof for high pressure applications.

DN-8 Fitting Kit includes the following:

  • DN-8M x CGA590 Valved

  • DN-8M x 3/8" MNPT

  • DN-8M x 3/8" MJIC

  • DN-8M x 1/4" FJIC

  • DN-8M x 3/8" FJIC

  • DN-8M x 1/2" FJIC

  • DN-8M x DN-8M

  • DN-8M x 1 1/4" FJIC

  • SF6 Cylinder Regulator (CGA-590) with 10' stainless steel braided hose and DN-8F

DN-8 Fitting Kit.jpg

DN-20 Fitting Kit includes the following:

  • DN-20M x CGA590 Valved

  • DN-20M x DN-20M

  • DN-20M x 3/8” FNPT

  • DN-20M x Malmquist

  • DN-20 x 1 ¼” FJIC

  • DN-20 x 1” MNPT

  • DN-20M x 3/8” FNPT

  • DN-20M x DN-8F

  • SF6 Cylinder Regulator (CGA-590) with 10’ stainless steel braided hose and DN-20F

DN-20 Fitting Kit.jpg
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