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Transformer Breathable Dry Air Systems

The Enervac Transformer Breathable Dry Air System is a mobile unit used to purge clean, dry air into a confined transformer while maintenance personnel carry out routine repairs. These systems also feature carbon monoxide removal and monitoring, providing breathable air at atmospheric pressure. It also includes an air dryer ensuring the absence of moisture inside the transformer. The system comes fully mobile and ready for hook-up and operation.


  • Easy manual operation, with minimal moving parts.

  • Uses natural air from the atmosphere, at no cost at the end user.

  • Continuous generation of dry breathable air. Breathing air purifiers remove moisture, solid particles, oil aerosols and mists, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbon vapors commonly present in compressed air resulting in air which can be safely used.

  • Equipped with Dew Point Measurement Instrumentation, high level CO alarms, high dew point alarm, and other options as required.

  • Enervac's design is regenerative and therefore a low maintenance system.

  • A dry air system is safer, more reliable, more economical and more convenient than using bottled gas.

Transformer Breathable Dry Air Systems


Standard units typically provide a maximum continuous capacity of 88 cfm (150 M/3) per hour of air with a dew point of -40F (–40C) at 100 psig.(6.9 Bar) The air quality will be breathable to international standards. CO monitor includes a 0-50ppm range. Includes heat less air dryer with breathing air filters, complete with molecular sieve desiccant, gauges and pressure relief valves.

Units can be trailer mounted, containerized, free standing skid units or incorporate a lifting frame with roll-up doors. Forklift slots and lifting hooks can be added.

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