One of the most frequently encountered contaminant in oil is water. Water is detrimental to the life and performance of the oil. ENERVAC manufactures a complete line of Oil Filtration Systems Purification Equipment that removes this water contamination as well as other types of contamination, i.e. particulates and gases.

Oil Purifier/Vacuum Dehydrator (E859A)

Oil Purifier Filtration System Dehydrator (E859A)
  • Vaporizes water from oil under vacuum.
  • Dehydrates, filters, purifies and de-aerates oils.
  • Self-policing system.
  • Numerous sizes and options are available.

Portable Oil Purifier/Vacuum Dehydrator (E859C)

Mini Dehydrator (E859C)
  • Mounted on a hand cart with 10″ (25 cm) pneumatic tires.
  • Air cooled.
  • 0.25 gallons / hour (1 l/h) water removal rate.
  • Operates unattended.

Turbine Oil Purifier System (E855T)

Turbine Oil Purifier Filtration System (E855T)
  • Removes free moisture and particulates using coalescing principle.
  • Removes free and emulsified water down to 150 ppm.
  • Reduces Turbine overhauls.
  • Little maintenance, ease of operation, low operating cost and easy installation.

Portable Oil Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP)

Portable Oil Filter Purifier Cart (EPF/EFP)
  • Packaged, compact units for liquid filtration.
  • Completely self-contained and wired ready for field service.
  • Easy handling and portable.
  • Accommodates a large range of specific applications.

Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)

Industrial Oil Heater (E873A)
  • ASME designed and labelled heater cases with CSA/UL approved heating elements.
  • Assures less than 12 watts per square inch UNIFORM low watt density oil heating.
  • Heating coils do not come in direct contact with the oils.
  • Various sizes and configurations available.

EHS R1 Pyrolysis and Distillation System


  • Utilizes indirect thermal energy for processing “challenging” industrial waste.
  • Process is conducted in inert atmosphere.
  • Ideal for waste streams with recoverable valuable resources (oils, solvents, etc.).
  • Modular batch process.