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1200 gallon per hour degas systems - Virginia based Transformer Manufacturer

We have two identical 1200 gallon per hour degas systems headed to a Virginia based Transformer Manufacturer.

Our (transformer oil purifier) high vacuum process is used for the dehydration and degasification of electrical insulating liquids including transformer oils, polybutene and silicone fluids, to increase and maintain their dielectric strength. The processing includes the removal of free and soluble water, dissolved air and gases and particulate matter. The most important applications of high vacuum (transformer oil purification) degasifiers (transformer oil purifiers) are in the field of extra high voltage transmission and in the manufacture of electrical apparatus.

In addition, the high vacuum process is used in the degasification of cable oils including polybutene. Outside of the electrical industry, this process is used for electronic and radar equipment, vacuum pump sealing oils, brake fluids and refrigeration oils – including phosphate esters and silicones. Mobile and stationary units are available in sizes 50 to 6000 GPH (190 to 23,000 l/h).

For more information on all our Transformer Oil Purification Systems, click here.


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