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Power Gen company in urgent need of spare parts to keep running to finish a transformer service job

Over the weekend, we received an email last from a local hydroelectric power generation facility who had rented our 1800 gph container mounted degas system. They had a maintenance issue and were shut down - in urgent need of spare parts to keep running over the weekend to complete a transformer service job.

We had the parts in stock and our General Manager, Pieter Vos, was able to drive down to them first thing in the morning to get them back up and running. He was also able to spend some time providing training on how to optimize our equipment for their operations and enabled them to to continue with minimal interruption to their schedule. #training#maintenance#powergeneration#power#hydroelectric#degas#transformers

The image below is our unit (the beige container) in the power house connected to the transformer under repair. For more information on all our products and services, visit


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