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Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant (E575R)

We are excited to tell you about our Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant (E575R)! The Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant provides all the benefits of Fuller’s Earth treatment without the associated problems of contaminated clay disposal or the high cost of replacing saturated earth.

Used oil is strained, heated and filtered prior to flowing into a bank of columns which are filled with an adsorbent media. The oil’s primary physical parameters are restored during this phase. Upon exiting the columns, the oil is passed through a degassification unit and an afterfilter which restores the oil to virgin conditions. The banks of columns eventually become saturated and need to be reactivated. This reactivation is performed within the columns and does not require the adsorbent to be removed. The reactivation process typically takes 12 hours, during which time a second bank is used to process oil. Enervac’s unique control system allows for 24 hour processing without having to shut the E575R down. Once reactivated the bank is again ready for processing. On average, between 300 and 500 reactivations per bank ensure that the media only needs to be changed every three to five years. Once exhausted, the media is reactivated one final time and is then discarded as a dry waste in a normal landfill - it is completely devoid of any oily waste. #oil#regeneration#transformers#filter


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